The Traveling Biblio Chronicles. A guest blog series.


When I started bookstagram, a major shift in my mindset and outlook towards life and people was that I wanted to learn more about different cultures and lifestyles.

In turn, being one of a handful of book bloggers from Saudi Arabia, people seemed even more interested in the culture here. This led to me taking a lot of book pictures around the city and sharing something or the other about the local culture.

With the traveling biblio chronicles I hope to bind together a reading list worthy of your time and capable enough to mess with your tbr (Like it isn’t already!)

The title of this series is inspired by The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa.

All my guests will be readers who’ve lived in a country long enough to be able to recommend a worthy representative of the place they live in or are originally from that country. While some might be country specific, others may even be city specific.

I’m hoping for this to be a monthly segment.

The Traveling Biblio Chronicles are now available as linked below:

I would love it if you could recommend a few book bloggers you’d love to see featured. You can leave a comment below, email me at, DM me on Bookstagram or tweet at Twitter

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Happy Reading!


9 thoughts on “The Traveling Biblio Chronicles. A guest blog series.”

  1. Good idea! We need fresh ideas on blogs. I also thought of what could I do to be different, but for now I have no idea, so I’m mostly sticking to reviews until I have time and energy to develop some creative content. 😊😊😊😊😊

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