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The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient is the type of book I wouldn’t shy away from calling the new representative of a whole genre, The Psychological Thriller!

#theguywiththebookreview presents The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

We have a loving wife who seemingly randomly shoots her husband 5 times on his face and kills him. The interesting part is that she stops saying or reacting to anything or anyone. She’s deemed unfit and sent to a psychiatric clinic where our protagonist shows up, Theo.

He is obsessed with Alicia’s high profile murder case and as a psychiatrist he wants to finally be the one who makes her talk and gets to the bottom of what happened that fateful night.

I enjoyed the ‘back and forth’ between Theo and the silent Alicia. There was a frustrating feeling with how Alicia kept quiet which builds up a lot of anticipation for the final third and the expected revelation of the book!

There were many theories that I had by midway but then I just gave up as none of them made sense even to me and I couldn’t be bothered making an effort which I knew would eventually feel foolish and stupid. I felt stupid any way!

Absolutely brilliant and a must read for anyone who likes a good twist!

You can buy the book here

12 thoughts on “The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides”

  1. I didn’t think I’d see many pick-ups on the book, but fair review of it! I was definitely a lot more critical in mine. BTW, found your site via the ‘gram, love your stuff!

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      1. I was starting to suspect something too, that didn’t help my analysis of it – that and I work in the healthcare field so the anomolies with real life got on my nerves. Hey, if you need practice on picking up plot before it happens, try The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley – it’s in a similar bucket to this one!


  2. I finished this book a few weeks back and absolutely loved it 🤩. I have been recommending this to everyone , but can’t really portray the brilliance of the book without giving anything away🤷🏻‍♀️ !! I should probably point them to your spoiler free review !!🤩🤩

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